Thursday, December 2, 2010


Thought I should post something, now that winter is here I don't take as many pics, but since Christmas time is upon us, I thought I'd try something I think is cool, getting shaped bokeh with the Christmas tree lights. If you don't know what bokeh is, it's the part of photos thats purposely out of focus, like blurring backgrounds out. You want good bokeh in your photos. I made a heart shape for these, but you can do them with other shapes as well. These aren't the greatest because I hand held the camera and it really should be on a tripod or setting on something, I still think they turned out pretty good though.


  1. Great pics, Mom! You'll have to show me how to make those shapes and how to get such a nice pic of the tree lights. Also, someone took a bite out of the present on Jessie's ornament lol

  2. lol, I just said that to Linds